RM0 to RM100,000 Sales Figure in 6 Months: How Cereal Digital Marketing’s Jared Low Went From In-House Marketer to Marketing Agency Founder

From Humble Beginnings

At 21, Jared Low started his entrepreneurship journey. His first business was running a cold pressed juice business, then second business starting another e-commerce business called Fat B and third business called Eatqual. But eventually all failed.

“I was a entrepreneur, but also an entrepreneur that keep failing.” Jared mentioned. “But I learnt one most important skill even though I failed all startup, which is – “Digital Marketing”.

He started to implement “Digital Marketing” on my friend business, one of the famous Salted Egg Fish Skin Brand around the world – Oyufish. From offline marketing to online marketing, influencer to public relationship, digital ads to customer service.

“I get my hand dirty and really go to market understand what business owner need and also what is the customer demand is in Malaysia’s market,” He says. “I experience and test a lot, some successful campaign and some were failures.”

Starting His Own Agency

Than he started to help more and more business owner utilize “Digital Marketing” to landing new clients.

“There was just no one talking about return on investment or anyone talking about the real KPIs,” he says of the digital space at the time. “They were all hiding behind these intangible vanity metrics.”

Jared Low decided to start a agency that

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