Vince Tan, the marketing guy behind launching a free training course with 16 world’s top digital export called “Fighting The Crisis”.

8th April 2020 (Wednesday) that day, “Fighting The Crisis” had OVER 10,000 PEOPLE viewing it on Facebook Live and the payment gateway even CRASHED when the payment is ready (They even changed 3 payment gateway).

Let’s do a breakdown analysis of what tools and method (Funnel & Strategy) that Vince Tan used to run a successful webinar that until payment gateway even CRASHED.

P/S: Learning why the best marketer is doing this and that will make you learn even faster.

STAGE 001 — Get the audience warm (List Building): The Pre Launching


How Vince Tan HOOK you?

First, I discover their ad on FB is on 2 April 2020. I already know Vince Tan before he launches these ads so when I saw the ads I get HOOK easily (Straight away register LOL). For some of my friends that are sharing this with me are because of CK Chang & Oxwhite.

Image for post — Official English Page
Image for post — Official Chinese Page

How did Vince Tan tell his STORY?

He is one of the best marketers in Malaysia. If you don’t know, just check this out!

Image for post
According to landing page
Image for post
According to landing page

What did he OFFER you before selling anything to you?

Get everything FREE! Register FREE + FREE Training before free live training!

Image for post
According to landing page

OK, now we knew why is everyone joining this free traning. (Good Hook, Successful Story and FREE STUFF)

Now let’s take about FUNNEL (Strategy / Technical Part) that you don’t know that why you are joining this live section with Vince TanDid you realize what you went through all these so you can see Vince Tan everywhere and every day (I mean on FB, IG, and Youtube)? Let’s crack this!

I call this — “THE VINCE TAN FUNNEL”

Take notes: Everything starting from ads is all automated. Not doing by manually. This is the power of digital marketing.

Step 1 — List Building (From Landing Page to Social Media)

How did Vince Tan use Ads, bring youto Landing Page to Chatbot to Facebook Group to build a warm email list?

Using good Ads to HOOK you, when you go to the landing page (a.k.a website) all the Call to Action (a.k.a clickable button on the website) brings to you to Chatbot (a.k.a Facebook Messenger, check Manychat out).

This is how he built the email list. But he did even more

Image for post
After you click this on the landing page, it brings you to the messenger. He did this because he wants your social media email for further use 🙂
Image for post
You gave your email and phone number here

So Chatbot (a.k.a Facebook Messenger, check Manychat out), he brings you to The Facebook Group (He want to build a group is READY TO BUY customer). But how he makes you want to join the group? By giving you FREE STUFF that you want! They are not straight away sending you an email but if you join this group, you will get it.

Image for post
Image for post
We get free stuff from them, they get what they want. It’s fair.

So there are 7,366 READY TO BUY audience he built!

Step 2 — Referral Program (BOOM, this work for Oxwhite)

Referral programs always work! Comparing an article is saying Restaurant ABC is nice with your dear friend telling you this restaurant is nice, who are you trusting?

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tools!

Vince Tan is encouraging people to refer their friends to win Apple watch, Chromebook and etc.

Image for post
Image for post

Step 3 — Keep the audience warm (you, YES YOU) with free training (*and building trust with you, virtually)

So after signing up, you are going to receive these case studies every day by sequences. (FYI, these are all automated, not sent one by one :D)

This will help the audience get to understand more about Vince Tan. We are one “screen” away from our audience and this is how to let people know more about you. This is like this guy keeps engaging with us when he talk we feel like we knew him.

I take another example, you watch this YouTuber every day so when you see him in real life, you feel like oh I know you, you went to blah blah blah.

Ok so check this.

Image for post
Day 1 Training(2 April 2020)
Image for post
Day 1 Training (3 April 2020)
Image for post
Day 3 Training(4 April 2020)

Step 4 — Retargeting + Using his own network to blasting out this training

Other than these, Vince Tan also did these.

  1. Youtube Ads Retargeting (or ads I not sure)

When I see the ads, he said “ Wait, wait, wait. Stop watching entertainment on Youtube. Blah Blah Blah ….”

2. Free Sharing in Niche Group (Business/ Startup) & Sharing with others Gurus

Step 5- Reminding you!

What is good about chatbot? Blasting + Reminding! So you can be reminded that live streaming is soon!

Image for post

In short, these are the method & tools how Vince Tan did all these.

Ads (Facebook Ads /Google Ads)> Landing Page (Click Funnel)Chatbot (Manychat) > Facebook Group (Facebook) > Facebook Live (Free Training!)


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